We're on a journey, following where God leads us.

We are in the midst of our new journey in Costa Rica, living in the capitol city San Jose, and studying at the Spanish Language Institute school for 1 year.  Our graduation date is August 2018 in which we will begin our ministry full-time.  

Following language school, our ministry will be with Christ for the City International working in some of the poorest communities in Costa Rica including the slum communities of Tirrases, Pavas, and La Carpio. One of the poorest in the nation, this area is rife with an array of heart-breaking issues, such as gang violence, drug use/substance addiction, prostitution, and broken families. Only recently have the residents received access to clean water and electricity. Many children fall into the generational pitfall of prostitution and drugs, and it is our hope to begin sharing God’s love and care in these communities as soon as possible.


There are many ways you can support the work God is doing through our family in Costa Rica.  Click below to find out more.